Techno Carbon USA are chemically. optically and physically identical to mined diamonds

Each and every Techno Carbon USA is conflict free and produced in an ethical manner.

The price of a Techno Carbon USA is substantially lower than that of a mined diamond and offers exceptional value.

The production of Techno Carbon USA comes at a minimal price to the environment unlike mined diamonds.

With a shorter time cycle form production to polished stone, Techno carbon USA can be created to the buyers specifications with consistency.

All Techno Carbon USA Diamonds are type lla, chemically the purest form of a diamond. Only 1% of mined diamonds enjoy this classification.

Techno Carbon USA have the exact same chemical, optical and physical properties of a mined diamond. It is every bit a diamond down to the molecular level. The only difference being that Techno Carbon USA are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. We are able to achieve in a matter of weeks what nature takes millions of years to create.

Chemical Formula Hardness Dispersion Refractive Index Specific Gravity
Techno Carbon Diamonds C 10 0.044 2.24 3.52
Mined Diamonds C 10 0.044 2.24 3.52
Moissanite SiC 9.25 0.104 2.65 3.21
Cubic Zirconia ZrO2 8.50 0.060 2.15 5.65